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Goliath Crane

Goliath Crane

Goliath Crane Manufacturer

Goliath (Gantry) Crane is similar overhead cranes except that the crane bridge is supported by legs and the rails are at ground level. The additional leg structure makes the crane suitable to run on rails. The advantage increases with increased track length making them particularly suitable for large outdoor stockyards. There is an additional safety hazard arising from travelling on low level rails which must be considered, but this can usually be taken care of easily and ground level rails can be advantageous compared to the obstruction caused by the building structure columns. They can be of single or double girder design with similar construction methods. Furthermore they can be designed with a cantilever at one or both ends.


Outdoor duty goliath cranes are checked for stability under storm condition. Special storm anchors are provided to prevent toppling of crane under storm condition.


Salient Features:

Box Girder: Girders are of plate box type construction with butt-welding joints in tension zone radio graphed areas.


Gear Box: Totally enclosed oil splash lubricated gear box with precision machine cut gears pinions.


Wheel Assemblies: C.T & L.T both assemblies are provided on “L” Block Type bearing housing fitted with anti friction spherical roller bearings.


Rope Drums: Seamless / fabricated rope drum suitable for required height of lift having flanges at both ends, accurately grooved as per desired pitch of wire rope. Mounted on spherical roller bearings fitted with a bearing housing at both ends.   


Wire Rope: Fiber/steel core wire rope having 6 x 36 / 37 construction suitably selected tensile strength and factor of safety.


Maintenance Platforms: full length walkway platform on one end and two short platform on the other end with suitable height hand railing which ensures full safety for the maintenance.  


Couplings & Brake Drums: C.T & L.T both assemblies are provided on “L” Block Type bearing housing fitted with anti friction spherical roller bearings.


Electrical Motors: All motors are S4 Crane Duty fan cooled standard motors with suitable rating as per relevant standards and classification of cranes. Invertor duty / slippring motors are also used as per site & design requirements.  


Braking System: Electro hydraulic thrustor / D.C Shoe / A.C shoe type brakes are used for various applications of Cranes. Individual brake for each motor is provided with designed & required braking torque as per classification of crane.


Control Panels: Steel sheet housed, powder coated control panel loaded with complete control switchgears along with control transformer. All control panels are as per IP 55 Protection.


Safety Parameters: Rotary type limit switch for main Hoist & Long lever type Limit switches for cross & long Travel motion are provided, Neoperene / Spring buffers are provided for C.T & L.T Motions, full length walkway platforms, maintenance platforms & 110 V Pendent supply voltage makes our crane fail safe.


Unique Features:

We make our best efforts to produce the world class Goliath Cranes which are used by various industries. We made Goliath cranes with the help of high class technicians and experts and are manufactured using high quality raw materials which are sources from highly trusted vendors.]


Widely used for outdoor applications.

•  Used when rails are installed on ground surface
•  Used to carry materials outdoor to indoor area
•  Cost effective and economical solutions- no need of concrete foundations , Runway beam and columns
•  Can be transported from one site to other after completion of job in case of specific site works.
•  Indefinite rail length with minimum cost.
•  Cable Reeling Drums manual or power driven as per requirement.