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ISO 9001:14000

Electric Transfer Trolley

Electric Transfer Trolley

Confirming to IS 3177: 807

Transfer trolley are widely used in steel industries where material is to be transferred from one bay of crane to other bay or transferring material from via ground movement on Rail tracks with small Rail Centers.



• Track trolley is designed to transfer steel coils in workshops.
• It is suitable for applications in various inflammable and explosive occasions as well as for cross floor transportation applications.
• It can be used to transfer cargoes from workshop to workshop.



• It has the advantage of stable start, low voltage, long service life, large starting torque with little impact on the gear reducer.
• Higher mobility, flexibility, and safety.
• It does not require high-standard rails, its traveling distance being unlimited.
• The transportation car is well suitable for applications in low use frequency, and long distance transportation applications.



• The rail gauge, Platform size, and rated loading capacity can be customized.
• An optional wireless remote control device is available.
• In addition, the battery operated trolleys can be provided.
• Operation control-dual control through cable pendent and remote hand set.