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Column Mounted Jib Cranes

Column Mounted Jib Cranes

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Globe is one of the leading manufacturer of Column mounted Jib Cranes with 180  / 270 / 360 Degree manual as well as powered jib cranes upto 5 Ton capacity and 6 Mtr Span. The jib crane we offer is manufactured using quality grade materials, cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery under proper guidance of professionals.


Freestanding vertical post mounted Swing Jib Cranes in this category are either bolted to the floor or wall mounted. Cranes that bolt to the floor can be supplied with a small base plate for connection to a be spoke installed concrete foundation or with an oversized base plate for bolting to a customer's structurally suitable concrete floor. Wall mounted swing jib lifting cranes do not have the vertical post and so are bolted directly to a wall or horizontal steel structure.



Area of rotation: Free standing and mast style jib cranes offer 180, 270 & 360-degree rotation.


Under boom height: Distance from floor to underside of jib crane’s boom. Also factor in hoist size and lifting height needed.


Overall jib crane height: Factor in any attachments, such as electrical entry, so the crane will be free from overhead obstructions.


Actual working span needed: The working (or hook) distance is roughly the length of the boom, less ½ trolley length at each end.


Power requirements: Will you need power for your jib crane’s motor drive, its trolley, its hoist…or all three. Power Supply at the nearest point to be provided by purchaser.